Visions of untranslatable words

This project is currently in progress

Heimat , wie es sein könnte

What would be the perception of your own youth,

things that one considers as home? In my youth I was not able to photograph it, though I tried with already an early age.

It is a sence of so called "German Heimat" a word you can not translate in other languages which I choose to visualize.

Once I felt able to photograph my own perception of youth and home- now, I started to look for these moments just that I dont appear in the pictures.

Heimat is the feeling of having family, fully living days without too much notification of time or doubts about future. On the other hand "Heimat" can also feeling inside you, but likel it can be a house , a place you feel safe, some scent you notice just passing through, or the memories you build your life on.

In this term, photography also became "Heimat" for me, 

as it has the ability to give you back those moments that you felt good in or that reminded me of peace and home. One quote may be equivalent to all perceptions of home.

"Home is where you don't have to explain yourself." 

Johann Gottfried von Herder

That means especially, that you may find it anywhere and it depends not only on the house, but on your social environment whether you are travelling or you are in the place where you currently do what you love .

This project is ongoing , such as my series "Saudade" , my first project on untranslable words.

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