I was sad and devastated during the last days, for what is happening abroad in Ukraine.Today I documented how the solidarity of the demonstrators in Cologne was shown. I recognized how even kids in Cologne are experiencing the situation and sensing what is going on.The only uplifting today was the fact of 250.000 demonstrators in Cologne, who would almost not celebrate carneval but show the colours of the Ukranian flag.Together with the European countries we watch to our Ukrainian fellows, defending their homes under terrible and dangerous circumstances & according to news many EU countries doing their part possible to help. When I saw the kids today I was thinking :What kind of world, do we want to create for kids in Ukraine, in the world, anywhere Mr. Putin? Where is your empathy? Who else is interested in this war?Your cruel manouveurs set the world into Cold War Deja Vus.
I wished people in position like yours would have overcome this mentality by learning from the past.
It's not easy to intervene or estimate for any individual who is not in Ukraine right now - but I am seeing my friends funding money, gathering clothes for people that have to flee. I see signals, claims, messages of solidarity and peace, friends moving towards the border. That is what gives just a little hope. I think any hint and help towards peace is a step forward.Geopolitical chess on the back of a harmed group of innocent civilians is just ashamable. Mr. Putin, you were breaking several laws of human right, European right,you are creating fear amongst children of Ukraine who are now fleeing their country and I am feeling pity and anger for what is to come, for Ukraine, for the EU, for anyone affected by this.
I think I can speak for Cologne, as well as for all the German friends I have - we are welcoming and helping the best, our idea of peace is the same. Carneval is not only a party but historically known as a politically critical event of multicultural attitude. I think it was the best our city could represent in this idealogy today.


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